How Does Best CRM Software Help to Build Relationship With Customers?

The Newton CRM software is the backbone for e-commerce business where it plays significant role in performing everyday activities. It helps the agent to record whole interaction with customers. So, when the customer makes call once again, it can be recognised easily and proper customer service can also be provided to the customer.

NEWTON CRM is a unique, state of the art for businesses to manage and automate various crucial business functions. Vision of the solution is to automate all non-financial and financial needs of business which are obstacles in growth and consume extraordinary resources. It has been built on a vision to automate various sales and sales related administrative functions of any business through a single window platform As evident from the name NEWTON, the invention is assisting large number of businesses in managing their day to day issues in most efficient way. Newton domain specific solutions add value to organizations business in their own language, guaranteeing quick implementation – in most cases lasting a few weeks, thus ensuring High ROI.

Customer is the one who plays crucial role in establishment of any business. They are the people who put trust in your product. Even, when they get satisfaction in terms of product quality and service, they do not hesitate to recommend their dearest and friends to try the product. Keeping the customer happy and satisfied should be the subject of topmost priority of company. And for this, you must be aware of customer needs. By keeping customer's end to end information into consideration, you can provide better service to customer. CRM software is the tool, which keeps you informed with client status.

One of the core aspects of business is to form and maintain the valuable relationship with the client. It only can be happened when you provide 100% customer satisfaction. Whether it is forming relationship with customer or retaining existing customers, Newton CRM software helps you to do it. Basically, the Newton CRM software streamlines the entire customer interaction. This software has encrypted dashboard from where entire business process can be operated easily. Keeping track record of customer information provides an opportunity to analyse the business and to focus on customers who are giving good profit to the company. You can generate a report, which can help to determine what kind of customers are buying the product, and how sales can be increased. In simple terms, you can capitalize customer information in order to increase the sale of company.


NEWTON Complaint management
Newton Complaint management function allows user to register and allocate complaints to respective department and their users. It is a CRM software whose Function allows two type of complaint management:

Invoice based product complaint

Retail complaint management

Both format of complaint management assures proactive actions by concerned departments and alerts management on escalations. System Logs complete lifecycle of any complaint allowing detail analysis on various issues of delays.

Along with these and many more useful functions Newton follows a unique three circle architecture where in all contact and its activities can be managed through single window dashboard. Centralized contact management allows user to drill down till last level on any activities without taking any reports from the system.

Service Management

Businesses selling products and supporting those with services, requires proactive actions on scheduled services. Newton sales manager takes care of those sorts of specific sales thus can alert users for planned services.

Service management module also allows to allocate service requests to respective users, while looking at their pre-scheduled services for better workload balancing. Dashboard analysis of scheduled services can provide on the fly information on status of various services.

When it comes to other benefits of Customer relationship management software, then it enables you to integrate social media networks, which helps in social media marketing. Even, social media marketing campaign also can be run in order to boost the business. Nippon Dat a Systems offers customer-oriented and sophisticated CRM software for their clients, if you are one of such client, then head to Nippon Data newton CRM Software.

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